Predoctoral Program


The Interdisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research (CVR) is a T32 Ruth L. Kirschstein Institutional National Research Service Award from the National Institute of Health. Appointees must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a research or clinical doctoral or postdoctoral program. Anyone on a temporary or student visa is not eligible.

Appointees must work in the laboratory of a CVR Training Faculty and research must be in the broad fields of: Molecular Basis of Cardiac Function, Signaling in Vascular Disease, and/or Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease. Trainees involved in projects including Precision Medicine are encouraged to apply. 

Predoctoral Trainee Expectations

PhD trainees are typically supported by the CVR Program in years 2 and 3, MD/PhD trainees in years 3 and 4. Appointed trainees are expected to:

  • Devote full-time effort during the trainee appointment period.
  • Take an NIH approved Ethics course and appropriate graduate coursework aligned with CVR T32 program.
  • Prepare and maintain an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that reflects interests and goals (aided by MyIDP:
  • Submit and annual mentor evaluation and a short progress report six months after the start of the award.
  • Trainees and Mentors must participate (when possible) in all T32 events.
  • Present research at a scientific meeting/symposiums including the annual AZ Physiological Sciences Conference.
  • With Mentor, submit a manuscript and external funding application (NIH, AHA, etc.) during training period.
  • Provide the CVR administration annual updates regarding career moves and publications to for a total of 15 years from date of initial appointment in order to fulfill Kirschstein-NRSA renewal requirements.

Predoctoral Application Instructions

1. Applicant submits the application as ONE PDF file. Include:

  • application form
  • the trainee’s graduate school application packet (minus confidential reference letters)
  • a current transcript
  • a description of the applicant’s dissertation project
  • CV with the length (in months) of each research experience, including undergraduate research, and appicant's contributions to those experiences

2. Mentor submits a letter of recommendation and current NIH biosketch. All junior mentors (rank at assistant professor) must include a statement from a senior T32 mentor (at the associate or full professor rank) who will serve as a co-­mentor.

Length of the award will be for one year, with the option to reapply for a second year of support. The awardees will be chosen by the T32 internal advisory committee.

Submission deadline: April 23