Message from the Principal Investigators

The goal of the Interdisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research program at the University of Arizona is to train the next generation of scientists to actively and independently pursue heart, vascular and lung research in academic, industrial and government settings. Continued progress in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases requires improved understanding of mechanisms contributing to the function of the cardiovascular system in health and disease throughout the human lifespan. The key obstacle that has stalled translational success of therapeutic strategies for cardiovascular disease is a lack of knowledge and expertise necessary to generate and interpret data at the molecular, cellular, tissue, systems and organismal levels.

This training program brings together faculty committed to: (i) understanding these mechanisms through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborative study at the molecular, cellular, systems, and clinical levels; and (ii) training and mentoring the next generation of researchers. Trainees of the CVR Program develop a breadth and depth of training that integrates a mechanistic understanding with tools to better translate molecular, cellular, and physiological insights of the cardiovascular system to human health and disease.

History:  This NHLBI training grant was first awarded as “Graduate Training in Physiology” in 1969 and reawarded as a T32 in 1977.

We are proud to play an integral role in training the next generation of investigators as Co-Directors of the Interdisciplinary Training in Cardiovascular Research T32.   

Carol Gregorio
Principal Investigator

John Konhilas
Principal Investigator